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New Partner Helping WYFP Create Healthier Forests

On June 4, the Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership gained its 17th partner: Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities. A nonprofit organization, HFHC builds coalitions that promote the active forest management needed to improve and sustain forest health. Individuals and businesses that are passionate about improving the health of our forests and the future of our rural communities help support this forward-thinking organization.

Young forest is necessary for both diverse wildlife and forest health.

HFHC advocates for active forest management through regional programs in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, and Great Lakes States. The organization understands that young forests are an important part of healthy forest systems, and are especially beneficial to many game and non-game wildlife species, said Steve Kariainen, HFHC’s director for the Great Lakes States. Added WYFP coordinator Randee Smith: “With young forests being such an integral component of a healthy forest, it makes sense for HFHC and the WYFP to partner together.”

Kariainen will join the WYFP Steering Committee, bringing his knowledge from participation in several industry associations, committees, and working groups dealing with forest practices and environmental issues. HFHC has a large social media following in the Great Lakes region and should be able to help with outreach and in publicizing the work of the WYFP, Kariainen said. With a recent addition of a WYFP Facebook page, “timing couldn’t better to boost its presence through partners like HFHC,” Smith said.

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