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You care about your land.
We do too!

We understand that time, knowledge, and money can be barriers when it comes to doing what you want to on your property and we want to break down as many barriers as we can!


Interested in better habitat for wildlife? Want to increase the deer and grouse you see on your property? Maybe you spotted some invasive species and are not sure what to do. Looking to get economic return from your property? Or maybe you just want to do right by the land...


The Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership and Lumberjack RC&D strive to help private landowners like you reach their woodland goals. We offer guidance, resources, and even financial assistance to complete conservation practices on your property.

To start, we are offering a free phone consultation with a professional. There is no obligation to move forward with recommendations.

During your chat, we will:

  • Listen to your values and goals for the property – identify what YOU want out of your property. 

  • Figure out the steps to get you towards your goals.

  • Offer the appropriate resources and/or financial assistance program for you. We are confident there is something for you!

You will receive a summary of information from the chat and have the chance to mull over your options. When the time is right for you, we can assist you with any programs you may be interested in. 

Get started by filling out the survey below!

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